High performance IP Lawful Interception System for Telecommunication Service Providers

To guarantee public safety, law enforcement agencies (LEAs) need to identify, intercept and analyse the content of the malicious communication. This is why telecom service providers in most countries have to meet national laws regarding interception and data retention. Invea LI System has been developed to fulfil their needs. It is a proven, high performance tactical unit dedicated to collecting evidence from up to 100G IP networks. Thanks to Invea LI System, telecommunication service providers can meet the lawful interception/data retention requirements and standards.
Invea LI System is a real-time IP traffic interception system with modular architecture dedicated for telecommunication service providers. Architecture and implementation of Invea LI System follows international standards closely while keeping high flexibility of the whole system. Therefore it can be deployed in different countries over the world and also easily modified to meet national legislative.

The solution allows L2-L7 packet analysis at wire speed up to 100Gbps. It is a proven solution with several installations all over the world. It can be easily customized and deployed in literally every infrastructure. With Invea LI System telecommunication operators can comply with the needs of law enforcement agencies and intelligence services.

features of invea li system

  • Wire-speed, zero loss input IP traffic processing
  • Hardware accelerated interception probes for up to 100GbE
  • Up to 1000 IPv4 and 1000 IPv6 active targets
  • Dynamic target identification (DHCP, RADIUS)
  • Easy third-party monitoring centres integration
  • L3/L4 transparency with no impact on monitored network performance
  • Strong encryption of communication and authentication

benefits of invea li system

  • High performance and scalability dedicated to all networks up to 100G Ethernet
  • Fully compliant to LI standards (ETSI)
  • Multi-vendor compatible solution with seamless integration into ISP’s
  • Easy management of all system components via unified GUI
  • Affordable solution with low operational costs
  • Easy implementation with Invea data retention system


Solution's architecture

powerful interception probe

Scalable mediation device

Invea LI system consists of two main components, interception probes and mediation device, which are deployed at ISP`s site. The interception probes are located at input part of the processing chain. Traffic interception is based on the provisioned targets and their dynamic identification by analysis of AAA (RADIUS, DIAMETER) or host control (DHCP) systems. Handover of the intercepted data is performed by mediation device. Mediation device encapsulates data stream into standardized format and forwards it to LEA for further processing.
Lawful Interception Scheme
Interception probe is the essential element of the system. It is processing the IP network and searching for the traffic of interest. All intercepted traffic is forwarded to mediation device for conversion to handover format. Probes are available in a wide range of physical models differing in performance, count and type of monitored ports. Performance-wise, probes are divided into standard and hardware accelerated models that guarantee the processing of all packets at wire-speed (under any conditions). There are also virtual models available. Detailed properties and parameters (including performance) of individual models of probes are listed in their specification. Learn more about its features.
Powerful interception probe
Mediation device is the central part of the Invea LI system. It is scalable solution that allows to increase volume of intercepted traffic as well as number of controlled interception probes. The device provides two functions necessary for the execution of legal interceptions. First, the Administration function enables users to control the system, set up interceptions and manage each request. The Mediation function then takes care of the execution of requests. It lets the mediation device to communicate with Interception probes, provide them with information about designated targets and to obtain interception data from them.
Scalable mediation device